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Why use a garden designer for your Hertfordshire home?

Garden Design Hertfordshire

Many people choose to employ a garden designer because they just don't know where to begin when it comes to designing their garden. Working out how to make the best of an outdoor space, screen unattractive views, install well designed high quality hard landscaping and plants and how to light or even irrigate a garden can be a bit of a puzzle.
Garden Design Hertfordshire
Beautiful sweeping garden paths and an attractive seat

Harpenden resident Chris Berendt faced this problem with her new home: "The garden was very large, but completely empty. It was really just a blank canvas, but I had no idea how to go about turning it into a garden." Chris bought in Judy Shardlow from Heartwood Garden Design who developed a full garden design with lighting, irrigation, pergola arches, new trees and large planted borders with sweeping gravel paths.
Landscape Designer Hertfordshire

Gravel areas add year round interest and are a good habitat for beneficial insects

Judy said: "A good garden designer is like an expert advising friend who will develop a design for you that fits with your personal style as well as your life-style". It begins with a detailed garden survey recording what exists already and allow the future design to be planned. Concept boards, sketches and 3-D visuals are all used to develop the design. 3-D is particularly useful the design involves level changes or large features such as buildings, pergolas or large trees, which can often be difficult for the customer to visualise from a two dimensional plan.

Developing the overall plan is only part of what garden designer does. Detailed planting plans are also needed for each area, which are based on the style of the garden as well as the clients personal tastes and a designer will develop a palette of plants to suit both. Chris explains: "I wanted a garden full of sweeping plant borders that would be full of colour and scent in the summer and winter. Having an expert on hand to specify plants that will provide a succession of colour was one of the reasons that I wanted to employ a garden designer."

A garden designer will also advise on the appointment of a landscape contractor to build the garden and often are familiar with specialists such as willow weavers, specialist joiners and lighting suppliers. Designers also have great relationships with plant and tree nurseries which ensure that the garden is planted with the best quality plants and trees. Designers often 'introduce' clients to a number of reputable landscapers who will build the garden. "This is particularly important" explains Judy, "There is a lot of variation in quality in the landscaping industry and building a garden is an investment, one which it's important to get right. Designers provide a full landscaping brief, materials specification and construction drawings which explain exactly how the garden is to be built. This is part of the reassurance of using a designer on a project.

Chris's garden is now well into its third year, so what does she think?

"The garden is stunning and we were so pleased with how it has turned out that we asked Judy to design a children's play area and to design our large front garden, which is currently being built. We could never have achieved our beautiful back garden without the input of a designer, it has style, intrigue, beautiful features and areas for seating in sun and shade and we spend so much time enjoying it. Employing a garden designer has been an investment in our lives that we enjoy every day."

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Gardener Hertfordshire

Gravel areas add year round interest and are a good habitat for beneficial insects
Hertfordshire Garden Design

The garden before - empty and bleak!

Gardener Hertfordshire

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