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Designing your Hertfordshire garden - why 3-D modelling is so useful

Creating 3-D design models to help explain to customers how a garden design will look when built is an essential service for any good garden designer. Generally a designer will develop a design for a garden as flat plan, rather like the footprint of a house extension design, but seeing how the design works in three dimensions is critical, particularly to convey how changes in level will work or the impact of larger elements like garden rooms, pergolas or even semi-mature trees.


The image above is the modelled version of the image below, which is the 'top plan view' - each gives a completely different perspective of the garden. The 'birds eye' view is useful as it shows the exact layout of the garden and in design terms it can easily be assessed in practical terms, allowing you to see the ratio of hard landscaping to lawn and planted areas very clearly. Both have their place but particularly for this garden, with multiple levels, seeing a model is essential to help a customer appreciate how the level changes proposed for the garden work in practice.

3-D Visualisations are critical to help explain complex level changes or large structures within a garden design

As a tool modelling is also a very good way of helping to make important decisions. Good garden design means making clever and innovative design choices, and modelling allows those choices to be explored in three dimensions. In the flight of steps below, there are two options, either approach the garden at 90 degrees to the house, or at 45 degrees to the house. Each option creates a different space with its own distinct atmosphere and making a choice between which approach to take is made that much easier with modelled options.

Access from the patio to the lawn at 45 degrees to the house and retaining wall - dramatic and contemporary

Access from the patio to the lawn at 90 degrees to the house and retaining wall - a more traditional layout

Modelling is one of the tools that Heartwood Garden Design uses as part of the design process both to make decisions about key three dimensional elements as well as to explain to customers how the garden will look.

And it's not just customers who benefit from the creation of a 3-D model, as part of our design service, landscapers are fully briefed on how to build the garden. This includes a full written specification of hard landscaping materials, construction drawings, drainage plans, setting out plans and bill of quantities. Setting out plans are back to the 'birds eye' view of a garden and give all the dimensions for the how the garden is to be laid out, but giving landscapers the 3-D view of the garden helps to explain key features and level changes particularly well.

Setting out plans explain to landscapers how to build the garden, but a 3-D model is also essential for the landscaping team  if level changes and larger structures form part of the design.

These stages in the design process are key to ensuring a good quality construction of your garden and show how important it is that the design, layout and implementation of your garden is well planned. Going into a landscaping design without this level of detail, thought and careful planning can waste thousands of pounds and leave you with a garden that doesn't look as you expected it to, has been poorly constructed and may not last as long as you'd hoped. Having your garden designed and landscaped should be an exciting and rewarding process that leaves you with a beautiful garden that enhances both your life and your property, and using a professional garden designer gives you the assurance that you will get this with your project.

If you'd like to find out more about having your garden professionally designed, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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