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Garden Coaching with Judy Shardlow Hertfordshire 

What is garden coaching?

Garden coaching is different to garden design. It aims to develop gardens in a more gradual way, enhancing your gardens natural assets and disguising problem areas. The benefit of garden coaching is that your knowledge about your own garden and your gardening skills develop as your garden evolves.

Coaching begins with a garden review. This looks at the soil, aspect, existing landscaping and planting as well as your lifestyle and skills, and offers solutions to gradually develop your garden.
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Book a garden review

A garden review is a short report, which anaylses with photographs some of the problems that your garden may have and potential solutions to these. It's a great way to start making changes to a garden and allows you take an overview of your whole garden rather than worrying about particular areas.

Reviews start from £120, depending on the size of the garden. It involves usually an hour of discussing your existing garden and your thoughts on how you would like to improve it. It also gives you an insight in the different species of plants and trees in your garden as well as some general design and planting recommendations.
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Making it happen

With a garden review in place, a coaching plan can be set up to tackle particular areas of your garden. This can involve re-shaping parts of your garden and re-planting borders All of this is done by you, or by contractors recommended by us and with a design and planting overview from us. Coaching costs £25 per hour.

Contact us to find out more about a garden review.
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