Heartwood Garden Design

Garden Design

If you’re ready to have your garden designed you can be assured that we are never short of inspirational ideas for beautiful gardens and landscapes designed just for you. Working with a qualified Garden Designer gives you access to an exceptional level of landscape and planting design expertise. There are a number of stages in the Design Process:

Initial consultation

At our initial meeting we’ll talk about what you want from your garden design. It may be a family garden, a garden for entertaining, or you may have a style in mind. This is an opportunity to share ideas and discuss how you might enjoy your garden. Following this consultation we will develop a Garden Design Brief and Fee Proposal.

Garden site survey & analysis

A topographical survey is a key to designing your new garden and this is usually completed by a specialist survey company who we can recommend. We also complete a Site Analysis to test soil pH and assess the existing strengths and weaknesses of the garden.

Concepts & masterplan

Your brief, the survey and our Site Analysis are all used to develop Concept Boards and a 2D scale plan of the new garden layout. Ideas start to come alive, and shapes, materials and features begin to form a stunning garden. Our 2D designs can also be transformed into 3D to create a video walkthrough, which provides a realistic visualisation of your completed garden.

Technical drawings & specification

To ensure that your garden is constructed to the highest  standard we also provide technical drawings including a Setting Out, Levels and Drainage Plan, Construction Drawings and a full Written Specification. This important stage ensures that landscape contractors have a clear brief and can cost and build your garden accurately.

Landscape construction

We work with some outstanding BALI (British Association of Landscaping Industries) contractors who we’re confident will deliver beautifully constructed work. Through the build stage we can provide project monitoring services at an hourly rate to check the progress of the build as it progresses. We supply all plants and trees for our projects and our recommended contractors are approved to plant and irrigate your garden.

Planting plans

Through the build stage you’ll see the border areas being formed. Planting is the point where your new garden comes alive. Planting plans and visuals are provided at an early stage and once planted we use a web based maintenance system called Shoot Gardening to help you manage your new garden.

Garden aftercare

Gardens are living spaces and they need care and attention to grow and achieve their full potential. As well as our Shoot Gardening aftercare service we can provide a Quarterly Garden Review. This is usually for larger gardens (over one acre) working with you.