Lister Avenue

The owners of this beautiful home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire were finding it hard to conquer and organise their large wrap-around garden. Heartwood Garden Design created a master plan which organised driveway access from the front and the rear. New clay paver pathways, oak arches and planted borders were added to the front of the house. At the back, a new curved natural sawn sandstone patio forms an outdoor lounge area with views across the garden. Paths lead to a paver edged patio with three oak arches, creating a stunning dining area partly covered with pink Wisteria. Planted borders close to the house have created a sense of enclosure and colour close to the house, and a lily bowl water feature provides attractive sound and a source of water for wildlife. The garden also features a large bespoke outdoor kitchen, steps leading to the rear driveway which is now screened with a flowing continuous willow fence.

“We asked Heartwood Garden Design to design a beautiful garden for us as we were struggling to know where to begin. We were impressed with the direction Heartwood Garden Design took, with suggestions on how to connect our house and garden more carefully together and establish some beautiful and characterful features. We love the clay paver paths and the oak features including the new oak gate and arches feel really unique to our garden.”